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Pre Nups & Post Nups To Protect Your Business

This event is designed for woman who either own their own business, or are married to a business owner, to educate them about their rights regarding their company when it comes to marriage and divorce. Our businesses are like our babies. Do you want to work with your business partner's Ex-Husband? Would you rather keep your business out of litigation if you separate from your spouse? We will discuss how to use prenuptial and post nuptial agreements to protect your business and empower you to decide what happens with your baby. Not married, or never plan on getting married? Learn how this impacts your business plan when it comes to support and whether you should be saving and investing.

*Purchase a ticket to this event which includes a day pass to our space.

Lauren Grondski is the owner and founder of Law Offices of Lauren Grondski, P.A. She is a Family Law Attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. In addition, Lauren dedicates herself as a Guardian Ad Litem, advocating for children in the legal system. Lauren specializes in Family Law, representing clients and mediating cases in a wide array of matters. Whether someone is going through divorce or separation, Lauren Grondski has become synonymous with handling some of life’s most unpleasant bumps in the road with complete compassion, care, and understanding.