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Millennial Mindset

Meet our Panelists

Meet our Panelists

Lets tap into the minds of a Millennial Entrepreneur.

Learn from Birttany Berger, Emilie Sobel, and Grace Goldoni why it is so important to understand how to work with millennials and why having them in your organization will help catapult your business to new levels. Companies today don't understand why Millennial’s work the way they do. It may be that we are just not understanding the Millennial Mindset:

In this panel discussion you will learn

  • how to work best with millennial's

  • why having millennial's in your organization will help your company grow

  • learn tips from Millennials on how they used Social Platforms to catapult their careers in just a few short years.

This discussion is great for Companies hiring millennial generation, parents of millennial children, and millennial's getting into the workforce.

Join us for an elegant lunch, listen to an incredible panel discussion and network with an amazing group of women.

Members Free access, $15 lunch ticket
Non - Members $35 event ticket & lunch


Brittany Berger is an author, public speaker, and mindset mentor from Miami, FL. She has a natural ability to empower adolescents and adults in their quarter-life crisis stages. Her enthusiasm for inspiring individuals is what drives her to offer advanced perspectives redirecting one's view of life. Her ambition is dedicated to enhancing one’s self- reflection by addressing personal truths and embracing authenticity. The events of her first book, 25 and Self-ish, are what has shaped her newfound path.

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Emilie Sobel is a 26 year old Social Media Professional based in Miami Beach, FL. Emilie graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fashion Marketing, where she founded her blog Soul in Stilettos and went on to pursue a career in Social Media Marketing.

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Grace Goldoni is a bilingual multimedia producer and TV correspondent. You can catch her on TV Sundays on ABC Channel 10 for SoFlo Health, a health & lifestyle show. She has previously worked for NPR, Univision, Fusion, and films at Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals.

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