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Topic 1:

Optimize Your LinkedIn and WIN!

Many know that LinkedIn is how you can generate leads and build a pipeline but few realize how to actually use it so that your leads work for you.

Learn the ways and techniques to boost your profile and build a killer sales pipeline. Find new ways to best cultivate prospective clients and attract new ones! The following will be your takeaways:

·  The language to best communicate with your clients and use on your profile

·  Develop a summary that will wow and impresses all those that visit your page

·  Learn the searching techniques that will set you apart from others and best serve your sales pipeline

·  Find out how to build a killer pipeline strategy

·  Learn the language on how to connect more meaningfully with those you’re trying to reach


Topic 2:

Agile Planners

Are you a creative entrepreneur that uses systems such as, Excel,  Shopify and QuickBooks in your business? If you are a business with a website looking to automate daily sales entries, we want to help you. If a specific process is taking up a large chunk of your time, there is most likely a more efficient way to get that process done! Let’s make sure that you are maximizing all of the efficiencies built into what you are currently using.