If you haven’t attended an Emery Workshop, here’s what you’re missing!

By ANNIE ROSSINSKY (Marketing Director at The Emery)

First, let’s start off by saying FOMO (fear of missing out) is REAL! Especially when it comes to learning opportunities for you business, company, and brand.

Second, can you believe it’s practically August? Where does the time go? (when you’re having fun, crushing it in business, and trying to keep your social life afloat).


At The Emery, we believe that TIME IS MONEY! So, we obviously like to make sure we spend our time on things that push us forward, help us succeed, and grow! We also believe that our Emery Workshops do exactly that! That’s why we want to tell you our 5 main reasons why you should attend an Emery Workshop if you haven’t already.

  1. You’ll learn from Emery Business Experts who have all succeeded in their industry but first came from the exact place you may currently be in.

  2. You’ll be in it with other women trying to better themselves, their brand, and make the most of their time - just like you! 

  3. They’re hands-on because we don’t believe in boring lectures. You’ll leave with something tangible in every workshop you attend, feeling accomplished. 

  4. It’s a free brainstorming session because we invite everyone to speak up and get involved. Your points matter and you get out what you put in; so open discussions are always encouraged.

  5. Our workshops do unfortunately end (after an hour and 30 minutes) but we encouraging attendees to stay and mingle with one another to continue building their relationships made during the workshops and further the conversation. A great networking opportunity made easy.