Want to know what we’re reading? Just ASK!

By ANNIE ROSSINSKY (Marketing Director at The Emery)

The goal for many businesses is to “get business.” This is done by creating a product or service that solves a problem or fulfills a need for your customers; but it doesn’t start there. Businesses first need to know what their customers want and Ryan Levesque, author of Ask, is teaching us that there’s a correct way to simply ASK them. 

This book is the go-to guide for small businesses and entrepreneurs to find out exactly what their customers want by learning exactly what their customers DON’T want! One of the main points in this book teaches us that: most people don’t know what they want! So we as business owners and entrepreneurs need to first find out what they DON’T want by surveying them.


There’s a famous quote that’s been attributed to Henry Ford: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘faster horses’. 

So before you go and purchase this book (if you haven’t stopped reading this blog to already do so) we want to share the main survey types Levesque created: 

Click photo to purchase book on amazon today!

Click photo to purchase book on amazon today!

  1. The Deep-Dive Survey - ask what their single greatest struggle through a simple email

  2. The “Micro-Commitment Bucket” Survey - start by asking simple, easy questions in multiple choice form prior to asking more specific questions. The answers you receive allows you to put people in different “buckets” to help you customize your market

  3. The “Do You Hate Me” Survey - send an email only to those on your email list you have yet to purchase from you. Ask them why? Was it something i did? Something i said? Or do you just hate me? :) 

  4. The “Pivot” Survey - give them the chance to let them tell you what they want to talk about next. By doing this, you’re really asking “ what do you want me to sell you next?” 

Now is your time to put these surveys into action, find out what your customers don’t want so you can give them what they do want!