Our 5 quick tips to stay healthy & motivated this summer!

By ANNIE ROSSINSKY (Marketing Director at The Emery)

The weather is warmer and the days are longer because summer is right around the corner! Every summer has it’s own story. From vacations to taking time for yourself, this is the season to feel rested and refreshed. Summer is our favorite season, though we may be biased since we live in Miami. Maybe it’s the sunshine and the beach. Or maybe it’s because everything feels better when you’re tan. Are we right or are we right!? Let's keep you healthy and motivated all summer long, making it your best season yet with our 5 quick tips below.

This Bar Saves Lives Photo

Drink More Water

It’s all about staying hydrated. 8 cups a day keeps the doctor away and your skin will thank you! You can always find us carrying our favorite Swell Water Bottle in Millennial Pink

Have The Right Snack When You Need It

Stock up on bars that make you feel good and do good. You need energy in the summer too! We are loving our This Bar Saves Lives variety pack.

Moisturize And Sunscreen

We all love a great tan, but keep these handy and say goodbye to sunburns! We make sure to keep a Miami Gorgeous Sun Stick handy in the car or in our bags. Its organic & paraben free and is great for the kiddos. We don’t leave home without it!

Catch Up On Your Sleep

Take time for yourself. Get those beauty Zzz’s and dream… BIG. We’re loving our slip silk pillowcases. It keeps the dryness and wrinkles away!

Be Active

Whether you take a vacation or daily walks, get up and get moving! Try out Class Pass.