certified SCRUM Master, Multisports Athlete and the Managing Director at Tearado Tech

Nicole Tirado Founding Emery Member

about NICOLE

I am a certified SCRUM Master, Multisports Athlete and the Managing Director at Tearado Tech. My mantra is busy β‰  productive and my mission is to combat public health enemy #1 stress, by infusing tea + technology. When I’m not working, you can find me indoor cycling, squeezing macadamia nuts through a cheese cloth or homeschooling and concocting new plant based meals for my loquacious toddler, Phoenix Joli. I'd like the galaxy to know that I am relentless about pursuing my life's work to help people live healthier and more productive.

instagram: @healthandfitnessmother



What quote do you live by?

"What gets measured, gets done."

What are your hobbies, interests and passions?

My number one healthy obsession is indoor cycling. The sweat session is more than just a physical work out for me - it refreshes me mentally and gives me clarity like nothing else in my life. I just completed my first Duathlon and I'm training for my first triathlon. I am passionate about sustainable living. I grew up using Fabuloso to clean the floor, styrofoam cups at cookouts and store bought products filled with words I still to the day can't even begin to pronounce.

Over the past 18 months, I've been slowly removing all store bought household products from my home. I am composting, which intimated me at first, but now has become my adult science project. I make my own detergent, deodorant, hummus and milk. I am focused on simplifying the milk making process. Instead of squeezing my macadamia nuts through a cheesecloth I'm using a strainer. Concocting new recipes, indoor cycling and creating new activities that give me life, purpose and pleasure.

What does your typical day look like?

I have a regimented morning routine that starts with changing Phoenix's pamper or waking up to her tugging at my hand while she yells Poo Poo because she's gone #2 in her Elmo potty. After I change and dress Phoenix for the day, we go downstairs and I prepare my Mate tea. We then sit on the balcony to inhale the morning air and work on our downward dog. After that Phoenix normally wanders off back into the house to play with her animals or pretend read her books. I remain on the balcony with my phone and notebook to P.U.S.H. myself. This is my way of preparing my mental to be productive under stress and hardships.

I highlight my 1 goal for the day and the 1 potential roadblock in my project management app, Trello. Then I write down my intentions for the day in my notebook, all while listening to Joyce Meyer or Pastor Michael Todd via my Google Mini. Then I head back to the kitchen to prepare our Avocado toast on Ezekiel bread. After breakfast I prep a second cup of Mate to take with me and head out to drop Phoenix off at preschool.

Once Phoenix is in school I officially begin my work day. I time block items on my to do list and schedule all creative work during my first work sprint which is from 11am - 1pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I knock out content for our blog, email subscriber list and ambassadors during this block. Then I answer email and Instagram messages during lunch from 1-2ish as this takes less mental capacity. On Tuesdays or Thursdays I head to the local shops that are carrying our product to follow up and get user feedback from the shop owner. On Mondays and Fridays I use this time for R&D. I educate myself on the IoT, smart health and wearables market. I normally leverage CB Insights. Then I take a break and either do a HIIT in my garage or go for a strength training session at the gym in my complex. After that I have just enough time to shower, change and pick up Phoenix.

What motivates you as an entrepreneur?

Phoenix's laugh. When she giggles, it gives me strength to push past all the malarkey, stress and anxiety I may be dealing with.

What is the best advice you were given when starting your business?

You can't do everything all at once, so stop overcommitting. It's going to ruin your credibility, reputation and eventually kill your confidence.


What is your definition of success? 

Success is being able to experience every culture, curry, tea and dessert in the world.

What do you want to achieve in the upcoming year personally & professionally ?

In the upcoming year, professionally, I will revolutionize the way we drink tea/coffee and handle stress. With the Smart tea ware collection, people will never have to spend money on Starbucks (unless they wanted to) use another paper cup or worry about where or how they are going to have their next cup of coffee or tea. Personally, I will have completed my first triathlon, I will be an indoor cycling instructor and author.

How do you want to use you're strength to give back to the community? 

As a single mother, entrepreneur and woman in tech I'd invigorate women and equip them with SaaS based tools to make them insanely productive.

What is the biggest challenge you have in your business?

Currently, the biggest challenge I have in my business is human capital and funding. Over the past two years we have engineered the first Smart tea (and coffee) ware collection. Scaling our efforts to develop the IoT portion of the business has been challenging as we do not have the funding for development nor do we have the technical talent in house. Being able to harness this technical talent and funding will catapult us to the next phase of development we need for our Data as a Service portion of the business. Without it, we will have to pivot in a new direction.

Nicole Tiado Founding Emery Member

Why did you decide to join The Emery?

I decided to join the Emery to be amongst like minded, tenacious, ambitious and strong women. To work in a space where we all coalesce around the same life principles. To edify strong women and to be edified by strong women.