Ready to join forces with driven women entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. Well you came to the right place. Sign up today to get first access to Emery member benefits and lock in your Founding Member Rate of Only $195/ month which will go towards your first month of membership.

You can reserve your Founding Membership today with a $195 deposit without any further commitment, and shall serve as your first month’s membership fee once The Emery is open (Fall 2018).  After the Founding Membership pool has closed, the standard Emery rates will apply (see below).

Whether you are focused on growing your business or you are looking to surround yourself with an empowered, eclectic group of women, The Emery provides you with the opportunity to thrive personally, professionally and socially.


Once The Emery opens & Founding Membership

is closed you get all of these amazing benefits,

however, the rates will increase

$250 per month for a one year commitment, paid monthly

$275 per month for a 6 month commitment, paid monthly

$300 per month for a 3 month commitment, paid monthly

$350 per month for a month to month commitment

Get to know The Emery ...

How is the Emery different from other co-working spaces? 

At the Emery, we are not offering just a simple work space. It is our goal to assist our members with the growth and success of their business. The Emery’s large network of successful business women will be available to members to collaborate, network, innovate and learn.

What are the events like?

The Emery will promote a collaborative environment and offer its members the opportunity to learn vital business strategies from our weekly events, panels, and every day discussions. 

Also, unlike other work spaces, The Emery understands and is in tune to the everchanging landscape of the business world and the roll that technology and social media now play.  The Emery will be on the forefront of this technological boom, and gear its speakers, events and panels to teaching the most cutting-edge marketing strategies, and how to utilize new technological tools to advance your business.  

Who is in the network?

It is important to know your fellow businesses and how you can help one another. With this in mind, The Emery has connected with businesses all over South Florida that are interested in expanding their networks and want to connect with you and help your business thrive. These established businesses already possess the tools that you need to streamline your day, and can help take your business to the next level. 



What are networking events like at The Emery?

We understand how difficult it is to actually network at a networking event. At an Emery networking event, we want to make sure you are connecting with other women who provide value to you and your business. We evaluate the women that are in attendance, taking into consideration what you do, what you are looking to achieve, who is your ideal client, and then we offer suggestions to whom you should approach and speak with.

The Emery takes all of the nerves and anxiety out of the networking process. We understand how difficult it is to attend networking events or join networking groups. Never knowing whether the event will be beneficial. Whether you will meet others who can actually help you and your business. The Emery eliminates these fears and frustrations.

What is The Emery space like?

The Emery has been strategically planned as an open flow work space. While we will have private offices and conference rooms, the majority of our space has been designed to promote collaboration and connections. 



No matter your need, The Emery’s got you covered.