Helen Vella Coaching, life and business coach

Helen Vella

about HELEN

I am from the United Kingdom. I am a Life Coach, Trainer and Motivational Speaker & Author.

I specialize in “personal training for the soul.” – I use techniques that help each individual overcome anxieties, find their purpose, realize their potential, nurture their inner strength, and reach their personal goals.

With my focus on the well-being of others, I will bring help, hope and healing to children and adults with behavioral and emotional challenges.

instagram: @helentransformationancoach

website: www.hvella.com


Let's get to know Helen ...

What are your hobbies, interests and passions?

Walking on the beach, reading, helping and empowering children and adults

What does your typical day look like?

Writing, networking, meetings, and seeing clients. 

What quote do you live by?

"If there were no butterflies there would be no changes"

What motivates you as an entrepreneur?

Seeing the lightbulb go off for my clients.

What is the best advice you were given when starting your business?

Do what you do best then employ the best to do the rest.

What is your definition of success? 

Being Authentic

What do you want to achieve in the upcoming year personally & professionally ?

Move to another condo with my husband. Have a full time office, paid speaking events at least twice a month.


How do you want to use you're strength to give back to the community? 

I already volunteer for charities and I empower young adults and children to be able to handle what the world throws at them.

What is the biggest challenge you have in your business?

Managing all the aspects myself.

Why did you decide to join The Emery?