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When is The Emery opening?

Fall 2018

What does membership to The Emery include?

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What is The Emery space layout?

The Emery has been strategically planned as an open flow work space. While we will have private offices and conference rooms, the majority of our space has been designed to promote collaboration and connections. Click here to view floorpan

I don’t need a work space, why should I become a member of The Emery?

The Emery is much more than just a place to work.  The Emery offers its members the opportunity to network, collaborate and learn from other like-minded women who are focused on the growth and success of their business. The Emery events, panels, workshops and speakers are tailored to meet member needs and provide them with business tools and strategies. Socially, The Emery allows our members to foster new relationships and strengthen existing ones. 

How is the Emery different from other co-working spaces? 

At the Emery, we are not offering just a simple work space. It is our goal to assist our members with the growth and success of their business. The Emery’s large network of successful business women will be available to members to collaborate, network, innovate and learn.

Do you offer membership discounts for a company with multiple founders/employees?

Yes, please contact us for businesses with 3 or more members/employees. Click here

Is there free parking at The Emery?

Yes, there is parking on site.  

Can I schedule a tour of The Emery?

Absolutely, we would love to show you around our amazing space!  Pre-opening tours are available in October, Date TBA.  Once open, tours can be scheduled during operating hours. 

Do you offer meeting/conference room space?

Yes, we have multiple meeting and conference rooms available at an additional charge. Founding Members receive 5 hours per month included in their membership. 

Do you have to be a member to rent a conference/meeting room?

No, non-members can rent a conference or meeting room but do not receive the member discount.

Can I invite guests into a conference/meeting room that I reserve?

Yes, once you reserve the conference/meeting room you can host as many individuals as that conference/meeting room can hold. For instance: If conference room A holds up to 10 than you may invite 1-10 individuals for the length of your reservation.

As a member, can I invite non-members to the space for a meeting?

Each member receives 2 guest passes per month that grants guests access to the open work space. Guest passes may not be used for member events. 


 Do you offer day passes?

Yes, come visit us!  Day passes are available for $35/per day (not on event days).  The day pass includes access to our open work space. You can purchase a day pass onsite with our community associate. For further information email us here.

What types of programs does The Emery offer?

The Emery offers a wide variety of programs and events that focus on professional and personal growth.  From panel discussions focused on social media and marketing strategies, to coffee talks, guest speakers, wellness programming, flower arranging, trunk shows, and so much more. The Emery connects our members and provides them with the opportunity to grow and learn from industry experts.

Are events free?

Panel discussion and networking events are free for our members. Members will receive discounts to our workshops and ticketed events. Not all events will be open to the public, however, when they are, non - members are permitted to attend but must purchase an event ticket. Non members are limited to 1 event a month.

What are the events like?

The Emery will promote a collaborative environment and offer its members the opportunity to learn vital business strategies from our weekly events, panels, and every day discussions. 

Also, unlike other work spaces, The Emery understands and is in tune to the everchanging landscape of the business world and the roll that technology and social media now play. The Emery will be on the forefront of this technological boom, and gear its speakers, events and panels to teaching the most cutting-edge marketing strategies, and how to utilize new technological tools to advance your business.  

Who is in the network?

It is important to know your fellow businesses and how you can help one another. With this in mind, The Emery has connected with businesses all over South Florida that are interested in expanding their networks and want to connect with you and help your business thrive. Click here to join The Emery Network.

How can I be a speaker or offer a workshop at The Emery?

Please email us here

Do you rent out The Emery for private events?

Yes, semi private spaces and full buyouts are available. Click here to reach our events team.

What are the days/hours of operation?  

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm, Saturdays 10am -1pm

Sundays closed for private events

We will be closed on major holidays.

* All terms and conditions are subject to change.