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Aileen Lavin Emery Founder South Florida


Emery Founder Aileen Lavin has cultivated a community of thousands of professional women on and offline through top business strategies and her secrets that she wants to share with YOU. She believes in the importance of sharing what you know with others, to help them grow and succeed in their business. Not only is she an expert in the field of business, she’ll be hosting a Workshop Series from September - November to All Access Emery Members.


Do you find it difficult to prioritize in your already busy schedule? Have you ever left an important goal on the back-burner because you feel that you’re too busy to work on everything, even the important “things?”

Ready. Set. Goal. is a Six Part Series created to Identify & Master Your Goals. If these questions resonate with you and you’re ready to take your achievements to the next level, your spot is waiting!

Ready. Set. Goal. will give you the time to think, the tools to get things done and the community to hold you accountable for it in just 6 months.

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Business Strategist and Consultant Helen Vella will be sharing her 4 part series on developing a Clear Vision for your Business.

A company vision is key for you and everyone who works with you to determine your success. Do you know where your company will be in the next 3 months, 6 months or even 5 years from now?

Without a clear vision, your business will drift aimlessly. Many small businesses lack a clear vision, leaving most feeling frustrated as they tend to jump from task to task without a clear understanding of what bonds the individual actions together. This keeps you stuck and confused as to why your business is staying in the same place rather than moving forward.

The strategies that you’ll learn throughout this 4 part series will provide you with a clear vision and get you ready to implement the techniques into your own business to make sure you take the right actions.