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Your 2020 Starts Now - Develop a holistic business growth strategy aligned with your values and vision for 2020

In this interactive webinar workshop, we will be learning the 3-pillars of business growth then beginning to develop your personalized creative growth strategy for the year ahead. 

Bri will reveal why it’s crucial for you to:

  1. Develop your 2020 vision and strategy now - before the year even starts,

  2. Approach your growth strategy from a holistic, full-picture perspective, and

  3. Build momentum throughout everyday of your year.

You will walk away with an aligned plan for your year ahead so you can create the impact you desire and receive the wealth you deserve.

This workshop will be a webinar. However, The Emery will provide and host a room for the attendees to participate in.


About Bri:

As the #1 ranked ‘Entrepreneur Coach’ on Google, Bri Seeley teaches Creative Growth Strategy to help Entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses. Bri’s focus is in helping you identify, develop and execute your unique growth strategies because, if 13 years of entrepreneurship has taught her anything, the templated business growth strategies on the market right now are not what female entrepreneur need. 

Bri is born catalyst and natural truth-teller. Her expertise was built from her history in counseling, psychology and entrepreneurship. By tapping into your values, Zone of Genius and vision she will help you grow your brand, maximize your impact and increase your revenue by transforming both yourself and your business. 

Her process combines a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience with psychology, mindset, hypnotherapy and Universal Laws {not to mention, over a decade of coaching and counseling expertise} to help you build and grow your business for maximum impact and profit.