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Learn How To Continuously Increase Profits By Knowing Your Numbers Workshop


Everyone is always buzzing about sales, but there isn't enough emphasis on profit. Profit is what's left after costs of doing business and taxes come out.

Businesses can have millions of dollars in sales yet lose money at the end of the day. Do you want your business to be the powerful vehicle that funds a life of freedom and fulfillment? Knowing your numbers can get you there!

In this workshop, Katie Ferro, professional bookkeeper and CPA, will share:

  • her favorite tips on how to keep the numbers side of your business simple

  • how to set prices that feel aligned and are profitable

  • Attendees will receive a free guide to Pricing Your Services to Profit

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Katie Ferro

Katie Ferro

About Workshop Host:

Katie Ferro is a licensed CPA, professional bookkeeper, fellow entrepreneur, & mama of two toddlers. She is passionate supporter of entrepreneurship and wants to see her clients thrive. She teaches that profits are the HOW to your WHY. Without a profit, you can't continue to live out your purpose or change your life in a meaningful way. She makes sure her clients are profiting to their potential.

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