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Path to Publishing, Know This to Sell Your Book! 

Are you ready to write a book or are you struggling to plan your book promotion? If so, you do not want to miss this Workshop! Rock your next book launch and increase sales for your published work with key tips provided by Vivian Oludun. Whether you are a non-fiction or fiction writer, these steps are a must! 

In this Workshop, Vivian Oludun, will share how to show up as the must-read book in your category and answer your burning questions about writing and self-publishing your book. 

“You’ve got a story inside you!
There’s been no better time to write a book.” 

Platforms like Amazon give us global access. Publishing your book is just one click away but between the idea to the bestseller, there are specific things you need to succeed.

Path to Publishing is the hidden tool for anyone struggling to write their book, interested in gaining valuable details & information for self publishing or wants to know the key tools & resources the pros use. Attendees will walk away from Path to Publishing with the knowledge, confidence and resources essential to successful storytelling.

After participating in Path to Publishing, attendees will have the knowledge of the best practices to use to stand out among the other books on the shelf. By turning back the page and revealing untapped resources every self publisher should utilize this workshop includes what marketing channels to use, best practices for administering tasks, and how to successfully budgeting according to your personalized timeline.

Vivian Oludun  , Flourish Media

Vivian Oludun, Flourish Media

About the host:

Marketing advisor Vivian Olodun of Flourish Media invites you for an inside look at the path to publishing. We've done it and so can you. Leave this interactive workshop knowing which publishing agencies charge megabucks to manage, which people you need in your team, and how much it really costs to self publish your book. Reaching hundreds of thousands of new readers and bookstores with the right message could be one strategic promotion away. You don't want to miss this!

*By taking part in this event you grant the Emery full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming. If you do not wish to be photographed please inform an Emery Team Member.*