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Money Mindset Workshop With Shannon Egan Members only

Money Mindset Workshop

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The financial success of your business is part strategy and part mindset.  We all say that we want to increase our sales and have a successful launch, but what often gets overlooked in our business building efforts are the deeper thought patterns and beliefs we have about money.

  •  Have you been stuck at the same income level for a little while?

  • Are you stuck in a financial rut where you avoid looking at your numbers?

  • Do you feel like you're the only one who isn't making enough money?

Join Us For Our Upcoming Money Mindset Workshop

with Certified Professional Coach and founder of Ishiki Insights, Shannon Egan where you'll learn how to work through the most common barrier to financial success - our mindset about money.  Shannon will teach you how to uplevel your money mindset and clear out limiting beliefs that keep you from making consistent money in your business.

About Shannon:

Shannon is the founder of Ishiki Insights, a Business Mindset Coaching company that helps female entrepreneurs transform their businesses from the inside out. Shannon is passionate about helping her clients break free from their financial rut by teaching them the tools they need to shift their money mindset.  She’s on a mission to normalize the conversation around money and help female entrepreneurs make money doing what they love!

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