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Learn Not To Back Down When Closing Your Next Sale.

Women are INCREDIBLE. It seems like we do it all, all the time, for everyone. However, professional and entrepreneurial women seem to hold back when it comes to promoting themselves and their business. If you’ve ever felt yourself backing down when you know you should be ramping up to promote yourself for your next promotion — to close that big sale — or to share your big idea this work shop is for you!! Don’t settle when you know you are worth more. Come learn tricks from sales leader, Leah, to always feel your most confident and close your next sale .

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Leah’s enthusiasm and tenacity bleed into every aspect of her life. She views sales as a way to serve the people she interacts with and help them solve their biggest problems. She’s been in sales at various levels, from being a sales leader at a Forbes 100 corporation to leading sales at a small start up, and also in the consulting world. She’s sold services, products, and technology. The one common theme is this: sales isn’t about numbers, it’s about serving people. She graduated from Davenport University with her B.A. with a specialty on global strategy. Leah is also the host of the Shine Strong podcast, a podcast providing encouragement for professional and entrepreneurial women to get unstuck and learn to chase wildly after their best self. 

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