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Ready. Set. Goal!

Did you know there’s a specific way to set goals that will increase your chances of reaching them?

Learn business goal setting strategies with Magdalena Pire Schmidt! This hands-on workshop is the introduction to our Goal Setting series to officially begin this Fall! Ready. Set. Goal! gives you the space, structure and community to get things done.

This is going to be hands on workshop where you will:

  1. Take inventory on where you are in different areas of your life

  2. Set goals for the second half of 2019

  3. Decide on what you will deprioritize

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Magdalena Pire Schmidt is a recent transplant to Miami. Prior to moving to Miami, she spent 8+ years working at Google where she managed a legal operations team focused on content moderation. Magdalena has built teams from the ground up and has seen larger teams through cycle of changes. She has experience managing international teams, developing content policies and scaling them. At Google her day-to-day involved influencing lawyers and engineers to balance risk, scale and values.  

Today Magdalena is mostly interested in empowering women through technology. So she is excited to be an Emery Member and add value to the community.

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Magdalena Pire Schmidt

Business Consultant

Event Photo Credit: @pinterest