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Bossbabe Nutrition and Body Positivity Workshop “your nutrition is my mission” Member Only Event

Julie Nutrition

We see you ladies out there so busy building your brand, your empire, you forget to take care of yourself. Some days you skip meals and on others you are so busy you eat whatever you can get your hands on. Julie Rothenberg MS, RD, LDN from JuliENERGYnutrition is here to tell us about a better way. She shares tips to having it all and keeping your body feeling good while doing it.

She will cover:

  • Education about nutrition and balance and how to achieve it with a busy bossbabe lifestyle. 

  • Using food to make life easier and not harder with smart ways to shop, prep and think about food. 

  • Meal and snack ideas. 

  • Ways to have a healthy relationship with both food and the body - IE cope with cravings, emotions, stress without using food.

  • There will be nutritious snacks to sample made by Julie