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Simple Easy Self-Care for the Businesswoman-Members Only Event


Building ones own business is an amazing journey. However, with all of the incredible benefits that come along with it, feelings of anxiety and guilt can also arise. For some, its not spending enough time with their family and children. For others, while wrapped up in the hustle, they forget to take care of themselves. How much time should we dedicate to building our empire?  How do we balance all the aspects of our lives while still staying true to our brand we are creating? 

Come join us for a workshop with Whitney Goodman LMFT from the collaborative counseling center as she discusses the topic of self care and business. In this talk, Whitney is going to give you some simple tips to tap into self-care, figure out what’s right for you, and confidently move forward with more self-awareness and more self-love so you can better focus and balance all the aspects of your life.