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10 Sales Tips To Implement Into Your Business So You Never Lose A Sale

Leah LeRae is passionate about sales! She’s seen so many women shy away from selling their product, so she developed a Sales Training Workshop to help women conquer their fears of selling and ensure that they feel proud and empowered when closing a deal.

Join us for a live training session as Leah dives dips into her 10 tangible tips that you can take with you into your business today!

  1. ALWAYS provide value (in every interaction) — challenge, educate, enjoy

  2. Be prepared

  3. Believe in what you’re selling with every fiber in your body

  4. Be the expert 

  5. Be pleasantly persistent 

  6. Make it easy to buy.

  7. Know your ideal customer (and who isn’t)

  8. Know all the decision makes (and those who influence them) 

  9. DO. NOT. DISCOUNT. to close the sale