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The Emery Grand Launch

Women only co-working spaces and social clubs seem to be popping up everywhere. From the U.S. to across the pond in London, they offer a comfortable and collaborative atmosphere, a place to socialize, a place to relax and best of all a beautiful space to work from and build new relationships.

I am often asked, why women only? I explain … Gentleman’s clubs have been around since the 18th century, a place where men could drink, read their newspapers and get away, but women were never permitted. Once women were finally allowed access, they realized they really didn’t want to be there so they embarked on creating their own.

Women have always had the difficulty of managing a work/life balance, typically women are the caretakers of their kids, their partners and their families. They are burdened by the fact that they don't have time for everything. Inevitably what tends to get pushed aside the most is their

careers, their passions and their dreams

to create something and dedicating enough time to see it grow. This is not to say that caring for a family is not self-fulfilling and passionate work. However, the creative juices flowing through your body must be exercised and expressed, and too many times, it is suppressed due to circumstance. 

Ladies think of us as part workspace - part social club. No need to miss your sorority days where you felt a sense of camaraderie. The Emery will be a place where women are not in competition but rather an embracing, supportive, and collaborative environment. It’s time to be a part of something YOU believe in and a part of a community.

The Emery sets out to streamline its members days and to teach members that they can have it all.

Work, Family, Success. 

At The Emery, we are on a mission to create a space to enlighten women and create a feeling of excitement that will spark passion for their projects. We want our members to build successful businesses and relationships. We are here to offer the tools necessary to achieve this success.  Our message is not anti-men. Rather, it is pro women. We want to provide women with a space they can be proud of, and that they are excited to wake up each day to come to.

The Emery is a sophisticated, glamorous club for women and it’s a place to learn, teach and be inspired. The Emery is a place where a woman can come to work, but also to get away and unwind. We have built out a café space, a beauty room and a relaxation lounge.

The Emery is THE ONLY space in South Florida where you can simultaneously create the next hottest product, while closing a deal, as you sip on a latte, eating a scone, as you finish your manicure and get your hair blown for a night out to celebrate a job well done!

So what are you waiting for? Embark on this journey with us, let’s collaborate and inspire. 

CareerAileen Lavin