10 ways to double your following on Instagram


It’s not enough to just simply upload pictures and hope that people will like and follow you. The key to Instagram is to be an active user!

Mad by Nature the Emery Top 10 tips to grow your following on instagram


We love #strategy ♥️! Build a strategy that would help you achieve your social media goals. Start by thinking, what it is that you want to achieve? What do you want to communicate? What is your ideal audience? A solid strategy will give you a clear direction on what to do and will help you measure, monitor and achieve your goals. The more specific your strategy is, the more effective the execution will be. It’s definitely time consuming, but we can assure you that would save you time in the long term. Remember, “A goal without a plan is only a dream!”


Consistency is crucial these days. Those who post more frequently are most likely to grow their audience faster. Your follower growth rate can DOUBLE just by posting up to 7 posts a week, but never sacrifice quality over quantity✨.


Today’s Instagram is more than just a photo sharing network. They are constantly rolling out new features so USE THEM 🎥 📸, we can assure you it will help! According to the latest Instagram report, there are 400 million active users of #stories every day! That is more than twice the number of people that visit Snapchat every day. #IGTV automatically pushes you to the front of the stories feed so it’s important to start using these tools to grow your audience. 


When used properly, #hashtags are a great way for individuals and brands to increase their posts visibility and engagement.  Make sure you’re only including relevant hashtags on your Instagram post or you may run the risk of losing engagement. Be sure to use Geo-location Tags. It will help you gain exposure 👀.


Use your customers content to promote your brand. It’s a win-win!✨ Your audience is more likely to relate to that post, it will increase your engagement and increase your conversion rate. 


#InfluencerMarketing is one of the best ways to quickly build your brand online and raise awareness among your target audience. The beauty about that is that the audience is already there, all you need to do is establish a partnership where both parties are offering amazing value to each audience. It will help you build trust, improve awareness, enrich your content and effectively reaching your target audience 🎯.


It gives you information about your activity, content, audience, and target📈. It will provide insight on how effective your strategy and content are and if there is need to re-direct.


Engagement is an important component of Instagram Algorithm used to decide how many people to show your post. The more engagement a post has, the higher probability it has of being shown in other people’s feeds.  Always remember to engage! Like and Reply to their comments in your posts. The key is to be active 📲! 


This is a must! Contests are a fun and creative way to encourage your current audience to tag their friends to enter a contest; hence increasing your following. Contest will definitely drive attention to your profile and generate engagement 🎉🎈.


Use other social media platforms to build your audience. Include Instagram photos into your blog posts on your Facebook page or website for added exposure 💻.

Brenda and Madeleine How to grow your instagram top tips

Article written by Emery Founding Members Madeleine Wenthzel and Brenda Castro.
Madeleine and Brenda are the cofounders of Mad by Nature, for more helpful tips check them out at www.madbynature.com

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