Ready To Build Your Network?


Whether you are starting your own business or trying to climb the corporate career ladder, having a well established network is EVERYTHING! The connections and relationships you make today can prove to be a long term investment for your future.  

So this sounds amazing but you are still unsure how to land a client or make a real connection at your next networking event?

Helen Vella Founding Member Networking

Here are 5 Networking Tips from
Founding Member Helen Vella

It’s so incredibly important to build a network!

  • Have a plan before you attend the event and know who your ideal client is.

  • Everyone you meet potentially knows your ideal client.

  • Make arrangements to have coffee for a one on one with at least one person

  • Do not sell anywhere in your introduction or conversation

  • Know who you would like in your sphere of influence

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Aileen Lavin