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Shine Strong Podcast

If you asked Aileen even 5 years ago if she would be the owner of a Womens co-working space, she probably would've laughed. The Emery was born out of a heart for connection and a belief that business is done with people that we know, like, and trust. 

Learn Aileen's journey -- and how it hasn't been a straight line. Learn from her as she explains how she built such an incredible community both online and in person. She shares how she "does it all" as a mother of 3, dedicated wife, business owner, and everything in between. Finally, she'll talk about the importance of connecting regular with people who believe in you and who you can lean on as you grow your career and business. 

Becoming Known Podcast

In preparation for the official launch of The Emery, a co-working space and social club for women, Candis Hickman of Becoming Known, sat down with founder Aileen Lavin to discuss how she intentionally built a community of creative and entrepreneurial women and how you can do the same.

How to build a Community with Aileen Lavin

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