How to get the followers your brand needs on Social Media



Angela Amendola, Emery Member and founder at ama consulting shares some insight into the
world of social media and shares 5 tips on how YOU can stand out from the crowd …

Angela Amendola ama Consulting

How important are followers when creating your brand?

In today’s social world, the number of followers one has is held with vast importance.

A sort of badge of honor if you will.

It’s understandable, it means people are connecting with your business, your brand, your why. But what happens when these number of followers are just that a mere number? Why do so many people have trouble converting followers into clients and likes into leads?


“Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media

is a “build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay.”

-Seth Godin



Here are 5 tips to get the followers your brand NEEDS on social media

Tip # 1 - FOLLOW (first) - Are you following your ideal clients & customers? You should spend time curating who you are following first. Surround yourself with the community you want (your vibe attracts your tribe). 

Tip #2 - ENGAGE - if you want engagement, you MUST engage. Not only replying to comments on your own posts, but taking time to comment and engaging with those you follow, and those who follow you. 

Tip #3 - BE SOCIAL - social media is exactly that - social! Practice social listening and use hashtags to follow relevant conversations. 

Tip #4 - BRAND ALIGNMENT - enhance brand awareness by partnering with, and leveraging the audience of, other brands with a like-minded customer base for a mutually beneficial relationship.  

Tip #5 - QUALITY OVER QUANTITY - focus on the quality of your followers instead of worrying about the quantity - a highly engaged & invested following will translate to sales! 

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