How to STAND OUT in your community


There’s a difference between being a part of a community and being a part of a community. Most of us join a community and the journey ends there. We’re “a part of it” but if we were really honest with ourselves, we’d admit, no one really knows who we are or what we do on a level that allows to create genuine relationships that enhance our brand. Communities open the door for connections, business opportunities and teachable moments.  So, how do we get to this point? How do we get ourselves and our brands noticed?

I want to share with you my three go-to's on how to get noticed in a community authentically and genuinely.

The Emery Speed Biz How To Stand Out in Your Community


You have a voice, use it! Go up and make the first move to introduce yourself. It may seem scary at first but you have to remember that you have so much to offer, people just don’t know it yet because they don’t know you yet. Whether it be an online group forum or a meet up, start the conversation, respond to group comments or questions, share how your brand can help those that may be struggling - let yourself be known. This opens the door with such ease for relationships, connections and opportunities that could last a lifetime and enhance your life personally and professionally.


First things first; you must have the mindset of sharing with others before anything else. Share what you and your brand can do to help others before finding out what others can do for you. This allows you to initiate trust for your new relationships as well as gain a sort of common courtesy that allow others to feel comfortable around you. Once others know how your brand can help them grow, they’ll more than likely share how they can help your brand within that same initial conversation.


Being honest with ourselves and admitting that we don’t always have all of the answers and we aren’t experts in every field, allows us to gain answers to the questions we haven’t been able to find. So many people love being heard and all they do is talk about themselves and sell rather than listening to what others in their community have to offer. When you open your ears and begin to really listen, answers will come to you in the blink of an eye!

Again, I know this may seem uncomfortable and scary in the beginning, but trust in yourself and take charge! People want to get themselves and their brands noticed in their communities just as much as you do and when you take the lead, I promise, so many others will follow. Who knows, maybe after acing these three notice tips, you may want to start your very own community. Stranger things have happened ;)

Good luck and remember, you got this!

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