5 Apps You Need To Download Now


Apps are here to make our day to day easier, but which ones are worth it. We’ve rounded up our favorites to share with you!

  1. Passport by Nexudus - This is our FAVORITE APP. As an Emery Member you have access to Passport by Nexudus. Here you can chat with all our members, create discussion threads, view member profiles, book conference & meeting rooms, sign up for events.

  2. Regrammer - Have you ever tried to repost a picture and have it ruined by the watermark of the app. Well regrammer is the best app because it posts your repost in seconds clean and clear. First, find the picture on instagram that you would like to repost, then click on the 3 dots on the top right of the picture, click copy link. Then open the Regrammer app paste the link it will ask you to post in your feed and then viola a clean picture for you to repost.

  3. When To Post - Do you ever wonder when you should post? This is the best app we have found to see when our audience is on instagram.

  4. VSCO - Our go to editing app.

  5. Google Analytics - Do you know how many people are on your site? Do you know what page they frequent? Is it your about page? Your latest blog post? Understanding what your audience is looking at will help you better understand what pages