The Co-Working CRAZE

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In the business industry that has been mainly dominated by men, we as women have not only seen, but have recently experienced for ourselves the growth of women in business. Women are growing into higher work positions and many of us are doing it on our own - because we’re hustlers ladies! We’ve come a long way with hard work, dedication and commitment to get here and as women, I know we can all agree that we’re only going to rise higher.

How? Through leveling out the playing field and partaking in women co-working spaces!

There’s just something about women working together that ignites something so special because of the psychological and biological experiences we as women share. Whether you’re the CEO of a law firm or just starting a business, as women we tend to nurture relationships which can take our growth to the next level.  

At women co-working spaces you have:


Working from home can seem like such a luxury but if we’re completely honest, it can get old real quick. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about working in the comfort of my home  but something so important is always missing…I N T E R A C T I O N!  It is so important to meet with other people! 


When you’re working in a women’s co-working space, you’re surrounded by like-minded women which brings upon accountability on an entirely higher level with such ease. This ease comes from the obvious similarities we as women share and understand, like femininity, motherhood and so much more! 


Women co-working spaces not only encourage women to be open and create relationships with fellow members, but they make it almost effortless, turning your work neighbors into your mentos. All of a sudden getting advice from the CEO of a law-firm doesn’t feel so intimidating when you’re asking a fellow woman. 



Fellow women entrepreneurs I have spoken to all say they enjoy working in a welcoming and warm environment. Women co-working spaces, like The Emery, are created with this aura and mission to build a sense of community to promote growth, personally and professionally. 

The power of a women co-working space is within the foundation: knowing that everyone around you is in the same hustle which brings upon a sense of your home away from home.

Women co-working spaces are in high-demand and on the rise! Stay tuned next Friday to find out why The Emery is without a doubt the women's co-working space for you.  



Director of Operations & Marketing at The Emery

Aileen Lavin