Wondering how to have it all? Learn how these two miami mamas balance their work and home life, and how you can too.

What is the name of your business?

Miami Gorgeous


Describe your business?

Miami Gorgeous offers natural and organic suntan lotions, sun sticks and sunless tanners. We offer two different lines, Miami Gorgeous for adults and Miami Cool Kids for children.  


Do you work from your home in an office/studio, other?

Jamie: Studio, Lab, and everywhere my iPhone is! Some days I am working with a chemist on new creations, other days I am packing products or doing creatives.


Dana: I work from home and on occasion, at Jamie’s home office.


What inspired you to start your business?

Jamie: Living in Miami we are exposed to the harmful effects of the sun. To protect yourself, you must apply sun tan lotion on a daily basis. After scouring the market for a product that would both protect me from the sun and be healthy for my skin, I was shocked to learn how many toxic chemical ingredients are found in the most popular brands of sun and skin care. Unable to find the perfect solution, Dana and I decided we would create a clean, good for you ingredients product to truly protect your skin, while looking gorgeous.


Dana: I was looking for more natural/organic products that matched the vibe of our amazing city. Most importantly, I wanted better, safer products to put on my children. My family loves the Miami weather, and I want to enjoy it while being protected by healthy products. 


Take us through your typical day. How do you start things off? What does your afternoon look like? When do you say I'm done!?

Jamie: Every day is different but the work is not capped at the typical 9-5.


6 am- Wake up and check my emails. I have two kids that require a lot of my attention and time. In order to balance my work life and my family responsibilities, it is essential that I stay organized. I make weekly to-do lists and goal lists to keep my life organized.

7 – 9 am - Get my kids ready for school and drop off. 

9:30am- Workout class (I try to squeeze this in at least 3 days a week to keep me sane)

10:30am-2:30pm - Meetings and dedicated work time. This includes: shipping orders, product development, marketing, creatives ect.

3pm-5pm - Continue to answer emails and squeeze in some more work time while my daughter plays. Pick up my other daughter from her activities and then bring my children to the playground for an hour.

6pm-8pm - These 2 hours are spent giving my 2 daughters dinner, showers, homework, reading and bed time.

8pm-11pm - Back to Work. This is usually my most creative time, and the quietest time in my house. I am lucky to have an office space in my home so I can work around my children’s schedule. The nighttime hours are critical to my success as a working mother. As our business expands, there are so many tasks to be done. Combine those with my responsibilities to my daughters, without the home workspace it would not be possible to get all of the work done. I try my best to shut down at 11pm, but I often find myself in bed with my iPhone until midnight.


Dana: My family is super important to me. Every day I make sure I have the time to drop my kids off at school and pick them up at the end of their day. Taking care of a home, while operating a business is extremely fulfilling, but it can also pose many time management problems. Each day I find myself multitasking on the regular. I am taking phone calls from customers and clients while at the supermarket or while entertaining my kids. I like to think that there are two parts to my work day, the hours while the kids are in school, and the hours while they are asleep. My nights are spent feeding, bathing and putting the kids to bed, and then I find myself working until midnight to finalize daily work tasks. It may seem crazy to a lot of people, but Its actually pretty wonderful. I get to do it all. I like the hustle and staying busy.



What do you think you do differently to separate yourself from your competitors?

Jamie: Our formulas and natural organic ingredients, our affordable pricing and luxurious packaging.


Dana:  We are really focusing on reaching many people all over the country, in real time. Understanding that online ordering is the way of the future, while our products can be purchased in brick and mortar locations, our main focus is selling our product online. Our ability to receive and ship orders with little turnaround time is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. Our rapid rate of success has been mind blowing and humbling. We understand that women will always buy beauty products, and it is our goal to provide them with the safest and most gorgeous products on the market. Plus, our kids are everything to us. We will always buy them the best.


How do you feel Social Media Has affected your business?

Jamie: We are only just getting our feet wet with social media, but it is a great way to brand ourselves and reach our customers on a personal level.


Dana: It's allowed us to reach so many people and show them who we are and the style that we represent. Its amazing.


What tips could you offer someone to help them grow their following?

Jamie: Collaborations are very important and having a cohesive look for branding.


Dana: Be yourself, and have original content. We are in the age of information overload, and there are so many amazing new businesses starting everyday, which is great. But you need to do things to try to grab the attention and steal it away anyway that you can.


What piece of advice can you give someone just starting out?

Jamie: Stay Organized! Also, know your limitations and do not be afraid to get help from outside sources. If tasks or projects are not time efficient or part of your business strong suit, look elsewhere for the right person for the job.


Dana: Be patient, keep going. Don't get discouraged. Better to try, then to never know. 


What are your goals for 2018?

Jamie: Add to our product line and increase our digital presence through collaborations.


Dana: To launch more amazing products. To continue to love and believe in everything we do.


What app can you not live without?

Jamie: Tiny Scanner


Dana: Instagram. Such an addiction. Love our Miamigorgeousbeauty page. Makes me so happy, I love scrolling back in time and reminiscing on how we have evolved over this past year.


Have you read any books, or received any advice that has had a positive impact on your business or in life? Please share.

Jamie: Yes! I am a strong believer in taking calculated risks. Being an entrepreneur for many years I know that without risk there is no reward. And it’s important to stay hungry and motivated.


Dana: Going to a trade show was an eye opening experience. We got to meet so many vendors, see the newest in products. Learn to play the bargaining game and make contacts. It was wonderful. Being beauty junkies, we were in heaven. We also went to lectures, and learned so much. One stood out, she said once she got investors involved the game changed for her. She couldn't be as creative or free spirited as she once was. She needed to ask permission and didn't have control over her own company. Luckily she was able to buy it back. For her, growing and expanding at a faster pace wasn't as exciting, or fulfilling as she originally had thought.


Are you listening to any podcasts and if so which one?

Jamie: Beyond the to do list & Tropical MBA.


Dana: Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher.


How do you balance mom life with work life?

Jamie: It’s not easy! But it somehow gets done. I wish I could say it was easier, but it’s not. While it may come at the expense of travel time, it is important for me to have enough time for both my family and my business.


Dana: I start out every day with the mindset that family comes first but my work is not far behind. I make sure that I am there for my kids for whatever and whenever they need me. At the same time, I am very passionate about our business and even if it means working while sitting on a bench watching my kids play at the park, I do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. You really can only do your best, while still trying to enjoy every second.


What are you most proud of?

Jamie: Creating these amazing products


Dana: My family, and my business.


Who inspires you?

Jamie: My daughters, they are who I am working so hard for.


Dana: My business partner and my husband.


Someday I want to ...

Jamie: Inspire my children to show them anything is possible with smart and hard work!


Dana: I want exactly what I have :)


Get in touch...

You can find more info on Miami Gorgeous by visiting www.miamigorgeous.com, @Miamigorgeousbeauty on Instagram or reaching out to Dana@MiamiGorgeous.com

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