How this mom of 3 balances work life with mom life



of Courtney Studios

Describe your business:
Courtney Studios is a gorgeous natural light portrait studio located in the heart of downtown Hollywood, and was voted "Best Family Photographer" by South Florida Parenting Magazine in 2014, 15 & 17 and was named by as one of the Top 11 Family Photographers in Miami.  Since the studio began in 2007, I still hold strong to the ideal that portrait photography is an art that should be enjoyed in your home, in the rooms where you feel the most love.

Do you work from your home in an office/studio, other?
I have the benefit of being able to work both at home and at my studio.

What inspired you to start your business?
My dad gifted me my first camera after the birth of my son, Owen. I was obsessed. I learned everything I could. I took a million pictures of my kid, all my friends' kids, and the rest is history. Ten and a half years later I have a beautiful brick and mortar portrait studio with beautiful natural light shining in from downtown Hollywood.

Take us through your typical day. How do you start things off? What does your afternoon look like? When do you say I'm done!?
The mornings are MY time. I get up at 5am, start the coffee and meditate for 20-30 minutes, listening to the teachings of Deepak Chopra and Abraham Hicks. I do a couple of push ups and planks, grab a cup of coffee and head to my desk to read the affirmations and mantras written in my journal. I then give my vision board a little love and "inhale and exhale" at every picture and phrase. Write in my journal, read a book and by 6:30am I'm out the door for a 30 minute run. I'm home in time to wake up my kids and start my day at 7:00am.

My day is spent jumping from meetings, office time and photo shoots. Running the photography business itself is 80% of my time. I really only hold a camera for about 20% of my work week. School is out at 3:45pm and I'm a mom until bedtime. I will try to get in an hour or two of editing before bed. It doesn't end for me until my head hits the pillow.

What do you think you do differently to separate yourself from your competitors?
Having a physical studio space is a definite advantage.

How do you feel Social Media Has affected your business?
It's easy to share portraits and create a "buzz" for my work because everything is so visual.

What tips could you offer someone to help them grow their following?
Be genuine and be consistent.

What piece of advice can you give someone just starting out?
Don't be afraid and keep your eyes on the prize.

What are your goals for 2018?
I have set some lofty sales goals which will be amazing to reach. I'd love to have a part time studio assistant. (DM me if your interested!)

Have you read any books, or received any advice that has had a positive impact on your business or in life? Please share.
The Miracle Morning by Hal ElrodYou are a Badass at Making Money by Jen SinceroThe Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Are you listening to any podcasts and if so which one?
The Daily Vee with Gary VaynerchukThe Tony Robbins Podcast and Pod Save America

How do you balance mom life with work life?
As much as its a pain to get up early sometimes, those two hours that I take for myself and my own personal development are key!!!

What are you most proud of?
Everything! This amazing life I've created and continue to create.

Who inspires you?
Anyone with passion and drive, who give 110% of themselves to their passion.

Someday I want to ...
Take my family to Europe.

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Get in touch...
instgram:  @courtneystudios
twitter:      @courtortiz
studio:       954-367-6821

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