10 Takeaway Tips from Our Email Marketing Workshop

Email Marketing Workshop

How are you Marketing to your potential customers? Are you solely focused on social media marketing? ‍

In this social media boom, people have forgotten about the old trusty marketing tool, email. Today at The Emery Melissa Frantz led our members in a workshop on the power of email marketing and why email is the #1 communication channel.  91% of people check their email daily. YOU own your list and it should be treated as one of your biggest assets in your business.

Email converts better than any other marketing tool. Email marketing has an ROI of 3800%. People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. If you are thinking social media converts higher, think again: the average order value of an email is at least 3 times higher than that of social media. 

So What Should You DO:

  1. Do Your Research

    What do you want your audience to know?

    What information would you like to share with them?

    Decide WHY you are sending this newsletter.

    Tip - Take a look at competitors newsletters to see what they’re sending. Get ideas. Don’t copy them, use this to be inspired! 

  2. Create a Content Calendar First

    Decide how frequently you want to send out your newsletters. How many times a month, a week. Event the time of the day. Do research on when people open their emails. Google it.

  3. Set a Goal for Your Newsletters

    Decide what your intention is for your newsletter. What is it that you want your audience to know about or do? Do you want them to buy from you? Do you want them to learn something? Think about it first. Don’t forget about a call to action. Remember the goal of the newsletter is for your audience to do something. What is it that you want them to do?

  4. I Don’t Know What To Send My Audience?
    Your audience signed up to your newsletter for a reason. They wan’t to hear from you. They chose your platform to get ideas from, to learn from. So give your audience what they want and share, share, share. Some examples our - Top ten books that motivated me, podcasts i'm listening to, testimonials from past clients, case studies, success stories, check lists, freebies, stories, how to’s, motivation the list goes on. Make a list of some of the things you would want to read and start creating them.

  5. Make Sure To Include Social Share Buttons

    Give people the chance to share your information on their platforms. They may know you but their friends may not. Make sure to include all social share buttons on your newsletter.

  6. Make Sure To Check Your Spelling And Grammar

    Before you send out your newsletters ask someone to look it over. Also, don’t send your newsletters the day you write them send them the next day with fresh eyes.

  7. Automation

    Start by making your life easier and creating an email sequence. Email Marketing websites like Mailchimp give you the ability to automate all of your emails. Start by creating your Welcome Email. This is your first interaction with the person who signed up to your email list. Make it personal and thank your subscribers for subscribing to your list. Also tell them what they’ll be receiving in the coming weeks or months. This lets your audience know what to expect from you. Also try batching your content on a specific day and create a few emails all in one day. This helps you stay focused and start generating leads, clients and loyal customers.

  8. Facebook Pixel

    Make sure to add your Facebook Pixel to your Landing Pages and into your Website.

  9. Segment Your Lists

    Once you have a list start setting up different tags for each subscriber. This can help you in future mailings when you have a more targeted list.

  10. Results

    Be patient. Email marketing is not about instant gratification. Studies show that it takes your potential customer about 7 touches to officially buy from you. Creating an experience for them, create trust and more than likely they’ll come back if you’re giving them what they need.