Using the right captions


Using the Right Captions 

When writing instagram captions it’s easy to find yourself jumping over the place from having so much to say and the excitement of having content you just know you’re followers will love! It’s great to get excited about posting your work, we encourage it because your work is meant to be shared; but let’s make sure your captions go hand and hand with your content. Are you ready to learn the secrets of creating the perfect captions? Here are our must haves that all captions should include. 

  1. Brevity Is Everything: 

Brevity: ˈbrevədē/


    1.    concise and exact use of words in writing or speech.


This is so important when creating a caption because it brings out a clear message that’s to the point and easy to understand amongst all followers. It takes away any missing links and misunderstanding like: “What was she really trying to say here.” Not everyone comes from the same place, meaning, not everyone has the same slang and lingo when communicating. Brevity plays a very important role when writing an informative caption. (See photo/caption examples below). We always want our followers to understand what we are saying so they can decide how they feel about it on their own. This gives us the opportunity to learn about our followers and clients. When we write captions in an exact manner, we get better results.



Good Caption: Need to start the weekend with some down time?

Join us this Saturday for an early morning Yoga session to de-stress and reset your body, soul and mind. Our weekend class is located in the Palms Hotel and will begin promptly at 9AM. Please bring your yoga mat, bottled water, and yourself. Are you in? Sign up by clicking our link in our bio to save your spot. We’ll see you all tomorrow.  



Not So Good Caption: Need to start the wknd w/ some down time? Join us this Sat for an early morning Yoga session to de-stress and reset Your body, soul and mind. Our wknd class is located @ Palms Hotel and Will begin @ 9. Please bring your yoga mat, H2O, and yourself. You in ?  

  1. Hashtag With A Purpose: 
  2. Caption And Content Go Hand In Hand: 
  3. Use Your Brand Voice: 

Types of Captions: 


  1. Informative
  2. Funny (brand insiders) 
  3. Less Is More (emojis) 
  4. Instructional 
  5. Call To Action