SOCIAL media can feel like a noisy place

you don't have to be the best writer to tell a good story.

How can you connect your story with captions

Why does this matter to my ideal client?

If you don't know who your ideal client is click here

How is this post serving anyone

Am i doing this story justice

Don't just post an emoji

Pair your photos with words and watch the magic happen

when you know who you are serving you can focus on serving them well

You don't want to join in the yelling you want to whisper to your dream clients

Hello friend I am hear for what you need and I can make your life better and easier.


1. Social Media is free and easily accessible


3. stress work is not your best work

4. Call to action - are you taking a viewers on a journey your vpicture 


Never end your post with a period always have a call to action.


Meet you somewhere. Do somrthing

Engagement is the way to beat the algorithms

Is your feed more than eye candy

its an experience

You are offering it


How are you telling meaningful stories


Ditch fluffy adjectives

swoon pretty your photo should tell us that

is the story strong

what matters the most to your clients?

how can you serve their lives

storytelling - have the clients tell the stories for you


ask them about your experience with working with you. what was their experience

stop writing to your current clients

message reach the people who have not picked us yet

learn to use your voice