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Courtney Ortiz Hallandale Photographer Founding Emery Member


I'm Courtney, wife, mom of three, photographer, entrepreneur, optimist.

instagram: @courtneystudios



What quote do you live by?

"Live who you are"

What are your hobbies, interests and passions?

Hobbies...I wish I had more hobbies. My interests...politics, cooking, self-help., community involvement.

What does your typical day look like?

M-F, my day starts at 5:00. The early morning is my time. I focus on personal/self development through meditation, affirmations, visualizations, reading and exercise. It's become my little routine over the last year and a half, and without sounding "cliché" it's been life changing. 3 kids are up at 7 and we're out the door for school and work by 8:45am. I'm only in the studio for client meetings and portrait sessions, otherwise I work from home. Between kids, clients, volunteer/charity work (I'm president of Beaux Arts and sit on the board of the NSU Art Museum Ft Lauderdale) things are pretty busy until pick up at 3:45. After school in bed by 9...and these days I'm not far behind.

What motivates you?


What is the best advice you were given?

People don't value "free".

What is your definition of success? 

I feel pretty successful just filling out this questionnaire and thinking someone might be interested in what I'm saying. That's pretty cool, and I'm grateful for it.

What do you want to achieve in the upcoming year personally & professionally ?

Personally, I want to practice more patience. I want to continue to cultivate and grow the already important relationships in my life. The same goes professionally. Of course I'd love to double my income, but I think by focusing on growing those professional relationships with clients and peers, it will all come.


How do you want to use you're strength to give back to the community? 

I'm fortunate to be able to use photography as a means to give back to organizations that I'm passionate about. Collaborating with non profits and giving them the images they need to tell their story is a gift for me.

What is the biggest challenge you have in your business?

Always continuing to find new and innovative ways to grow your value and worth to clients.

Why did you decide to join The Emery?

The Emery is a fantastic network of amazing women.