Get Your Read On!

By ANNIE ROSSINSKY (Marketing Director at The Emery)

Calling all readers! In The Emery Book Club, our Members read books that cover topics from Personal Growth, Professional Development, and Social Change. Every month, a Member chooses a book for the group to read!

They are currently reading the latest Novel from Adam Braun, The Promise Of A Pencil. This particular Member Pick is “the story of a young adult’s personal growth, professional development, and social change all in one book - there were so many amazing takeaways from this book on so many different levels.” - Bari Schanerman (Emery Member)


The purpose of the Emery Book Club is to indulge in captivating novels, engage with other members, and discuss personal thoughts/takeaways, as everyone interprets things differently. Check out some of the takeaways from The Promise Of A Pencil shared by Members within the group:

  • One small, small idea can be extraordinary.  All ideas count and any idea can change the world.

  • Building community first is a powerful way to leverage an idea that can make such a big impact to others.  People want to support something they can believe in.  

  • The mantras that became the chapter titles – they were very helpful, so many lessons.

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