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Andrea Ocampo Founding Member

about ANDREA

I"m a producer, author, and owner of Social Sided Media.My passion is to empower women to bring their brand to life using video and the power of story telling. I've worked in television for 15+ years and lucky to have worked with the biggest names such as Walt Disney World, CNN, Travel Channel, NFL, NHL, and WWE. My boutique brand agency focuses on video, social media, media training and content creation. It's my passion to motivate others to chase their dreams and teach them how to position themselves as powerhouses in their industry.

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What quote do you live by?

“With guts and grace anything is possible!”

What are your hobbies, interests and passions?

Reading, speaking, salsa dancing, exploring small towns, collecting vintage cameras and records.

What does your typical day look like?

Every day varies and depends on what shoots, client meetings and projects are on deck. I wake up and make sure to take care of my mind and spirit. I eat breakfast and it's off to the races. I have back to back meetings, work on story boards, scripts and go over questions for documentaries and online series. I listen to business audio books while I drive to the next meeting. Then I run to a photoshoot for my client then get interviewed for a magazine regarding my brand. The next day is a variation of that plus more adventures.

What motivates?

Helping others reach their potential while making a difference.

What is the best advice you were given?

Never take "No" for an answer!

What is your definition of success? 

To be at peace and happy living on your own terms.

What do you want to achieve in the upcoming year personally & professionally ?

I want to continue to work on myself and grow in personal development. I also want to launch the second season of my motivational series, "Morning Coffee". Professionally I want to continue growing Social Sided Media by helping women entrepreneurs level up their business by using video content. I'll also be selling e-courses to continue educating others on the importance of content creation and self development.

How do you want to use you're strength to give back to the community? 

I want to continue speaking at colleges and universities about branding, business, and self empowerment.

What is the biggest challenge you have in your business?

Achieving life and work balance. It can be nonstop on set and challenging to find the sweet spot where you feel you've done what you can for the day.

Andrea Ocampo Founding Member

Why did you decide to join The Emery?

I want to surround myself with likeminded women who understand the ebb and flow of success, while encouraging and helping one another to achieve our goals. We're all in this together!