Welcome to the Emery!

A co-working space and social club created exclusively for women, the Emery is strategically designed as an elegant and functional open concept that allows women to thrive among their peers. The Emery will be home to a community of strong, vibrant women, working in pursuit of their goals to become business and social leaders. The Emery will be a space in which women will be able to confidently and comfortably focus on their daily tasks. We will provide our members with the space to work, the opportunity to collaborate and network, and the ability for women to grow their businesses and passion projects while building meaningful relationships.

Along with your work space, we will provide programs, including curated speakers, seminars, and business and social events, all specifically tailored to benefit our members. We know how valuable a woman’s time is, and with this in mind, to streamline your day, we shall also be offering on site personal services, including on demand beauty care and a café.

Whether you are focused on growing your business, or you are a woman looking to surround yourself with an empowered, eclectic group of women, the Emery provides you with the opportunity to thrive personally, professionally and socially.

Alone we can be successful. Together we will change the world.