Our favorite business apps when working on the go!

By ANNIE ROSSINSKY (Marketing Director at The Emery)

If you own a business, you know the clock never stops. There’s no clock in/clock out schedule (even though we should make it a point to take mental breaks). As business owners, WE. DO. IT. ALL! 

If you’re running a creative business, I bet it’s safe to say you don’t always work from your desktop. You’re probably often on the go and you probably don’t carry your desktop with you, am I right? 

That’s why I want to share our favorite apps The Emery Team swears by when we have no other choice but to work from our phone! 

IMG_2493 2.jpg

1. Pages

If your brain runs 100 miles a minute like The Emery Team, you need to download pages! Pages is the place to brain dump, but on your phone. It allows you to organize your thoughts, create and edit full documents for your business, and add members from your team to work with you in real time.

2. Asana

Need to see what’s going on with your team but aren’t in the office? Asana will be your go to check-up. At The Emery, our team uses Asana to organize projects, delegate tasks, and communicate with each other through the comments section. This keeps us productive rather than busy! 

3. Planoly

The batch work super hero of all social media apps! Whether you want to plan out your weekly social media calendar (captions and all) or you just want to see how your next post will fit into your feed (aesthetically), Planoly will become your new insta bestie. 

4. Canva

Design anything, anywhere! Create a digital graphic, quote, flyer, resume, invoice, you name it! We use this mainly for motivational quotes and Emery graphics to provide our followers with creative content everyday!

5. Dropbox

This is your online photography folder. Keep your visuals organized and saved on the Dropbox App. You can also back your files/documents up on the cloud, sync them between computers, and share them with your team members or clients!