This one’s for all you Foodies

By ANNIE ROSSINSKY (Marketing Director at The Emery)

Going to brunch has become a serious hobby for many. It goes something like this:

Browse for an aesthetically pleasing location

Review all the reviews. Have to make sure the food is insta worthy

Ultimate decision comes when you check the cocktail selection (cheers to the weekend)

Negotiate for two table reservations, because one table just might be in a better spot

Choose an outfit that matches the restaurant vibe and…

Head out. It’s BRUNCH time!

We’ve definitely been there, done that! And in the midst of being there and doing that, we found one of our favorite Brunch Spots early this year: Swan Miami by Dave Grutman and Pharrell Williams. Here’s our top reasons why we love this chic spot!


Instagram Worthy

Need to up your insta game? Swan is the place! Swan offers an elegant outdoor patio with a Better Homes & Garden feel. The furniture is all Pastel and the wallpaper found inside the restaurant and bar makes you want to stay all day. There are instagrammable moments every where you look thanks to interior designer Ken Fulk.

Cocktail Craze

Drinking a pretty cocktail tastes so much better, don’t you think ? No matter which drink you order for brunch, it will be anything but ordinary. Their intriguing cocktail menu was probably created by a Cocktail Chef (is that a thing? if not it should be). From their lime Kalahari to watermelon chili, you might want to order two!

Delicious Cuisine

Swan offers flavors from around the world and every dish is served with impeccable presentation! (that’s how 5 star they are, I used the word impeccable) The food is brought by Jean Imbert, Pharrell William’s former personal chef and a winner of Europe’s “Top Chef.” He believes that “cooking is 25% visuals, 25% flavour, and 50% story-telling.”

Celebrity Sighting

Don’t be surprised if you see Pharrell Williams, Jonathon Cheban, Dwanye Wade or Victoria Secret Models mid bite of your eggs Benedict!